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27Nov summer night banner (3)

How to: Beat the Heat in your Summer Slumber

As Australia readies itself for a steamy hot summer once again, it’s time for us to prepare for it too, especially when it comes to sleeping. Here are some handy tips and tricks to making sure you get your...

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21Oct summer banner

How to: Keep cool without the AC

Being right in the middle of Spring and on the cusp of summer, you will see an increase in glorious, beaming sunshine. While many people love the feeling of bright sunny days, the sun typically brings a wave of heat...

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27Sep used_lifestyle_4-442338

How to: Tackle Spring Cleaning

It’s time to shed that winter coat and bounce into spring. Yes its spring again, and with spring comes the season of decluttering, reorganising and to tie it up nicely, cleaning. So to send you into Spring with a...

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31Aug bunner1

Moving Out for the First Time?

  Spring out of Winter with MyConnect! As the cold, dreary season of Winter draws to a close, the sunny days of Spring are upon us, it’s a perfect time to blossom yourself, take the plunge, and move out...

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24Jun Habitat-Living-Rooms_1

How to: Make More Space in Your Home

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough space in your home? What was once cute and cosy may have started to feel claustrophobic. We tend to put items into our homes at a rate that is faster...

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26May Flooded vintage interior. 3d concept

Contents Insurance: What is it and why do I need it?

Contents insurance. As a tenant, you may not have to be concerned about protecting the house and making sure that the home is insured (that’s your landlord’s job). What about all of your possessions?   So, you are moving...

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3May cat

Keep your home warm without spending a fortune

Brace yourselves – winter is coming! It is the beginning of May, which means one more month of Autumn and it’s time that we start to prepare ourselves for the chillier months of the year. We all know that...

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29Mar 4a222d706eda6636e9aa2b6d6aef7416

How to: Declutter your Home Before a Move

  Decluttering your home is among one of the most important steps in preparing for a move. Even if you are not moving house, decluttering your home can be a very worthwhile but for some people this may prove...

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6Mar blogging-336375_1920

Connect your NBN Internet with MyConnect

  The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian government funded open-access data network. The purpose of NBN is to improve our broadband internet service by making it faster and more reliable. Fibre-optic, fixed wireless and satellite infrastructure are...

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2Dec beach-832346_960_720

Prepare your home for your Holiday!

  It’s summer time! What a wonderful time of year. Warm sunny days, Christmas, New Years and Holidays. If you are going away, your mind is likely to be a thousand miles away from here (most likely on a...

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