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Other services up to 63mins

It takes on average sixty three minutes and nine phone calls to connect electricity, gas, telephone and internet services.

MyConnect only 12mins

In just twelve minutes and one simple phone call, Shore Connect can connect all your utilities.

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We pride ourselves on being:

In just one phone call, we can arrange the connection of all your chosen utilities as you need them. We can organise electricity and gas for the next business day, and in some areas, we can even arrange same day connections.

We do the hard work! Fill out our online connection form or contact us so we can organise your utilities. In just a few simple steps, all your utilities are sorted.

Our service is absolutely free. We are partnered with a wide range of service providers in order to find the option that best suits you.

  • "MyConnect were very easy to deal with, no complaints here. I would use them again."
    - Jen, NSW -
  • "A great service and a great idea to help those with the stress of moving. Highly recommend."
    - Wahaj, SA -
  • "I had my gas and electricity connected last month by MyConnect. I can't get over how simple the process was. I chose my supplier (Origin) and MyConnect took it from there. On top of that, the service is free."
    - Sarah, NSW -
  • "MyConnect organised everything for my move. I would use them again."
    - Benjamin, VIC -
  • "I was referred to MyConnect by my realtor to have all my utilities connected. I wasn't 100% on them at first, but they allowed me to connect all my utilities with the companies that I wanted to go with and I'm very happy."
    - Jake, VIC -
  • "I recently moved out on my own for the first time and didn't realise how many things I had to get organised by my move date. I would recommend MyConnect to anyone who may need a hand with moving."
    - Beck, NSW -
  • " My partner and I have moved a bunch of times within the last 5 years and this has by far been the least stressful move because of MyConnect."
    - Jessica, VIC -
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